Ayogo is an mHealth company that uses validated measures of perceived self-efficacy to understand what drives specific patient behaviors to enable timely, personalized, and relevant interventions to improve self-management and health outcomes.

MHealth refers to consumer technologies that allow consumers to enter their own health data without the assistance of a clinician.

Empirical evidence has shown that perceived self-efficacy significantly predicts successful disease management in patients with chronic conditions.

Low perceived self-efficacy is highly predictive of poor adherence to medical interventions and treatment plans for all types of diseases.

Why did we invest?

It is estimated that globally, one in two people do not adequately adhere to long-term therapies. Non-adherence reduces the effectiveness of treatment, negatively impacts quality of life and puts increasing pressure on the healthcare economy.

Ayogo’s solution measures a series of key variables that impact patient decision making and are then incorporated into prescribed care plans to maximize adherence. Improved adherence will result in a positive and substantial return on investment for the healthcare industry.