Aifred Health

Aifred Health is tackling a trial-and-error approach to medication selection that hasn’t changed in decades.

Its AI-based software helps clinicians make better treatment decisions in mental health care to improve patient outcomes.

1.a patient enters behavioral health information into the clinical decision support tool.

2) This information is then processed by a clinical algorithm based on best practice guidelines.

The results help the physician track the patient over time, understand the patient’s progress and determine “what to do next.”

Why we invested ?

Depression and anxiety are the leading causes of medical disability worldwide and cost global healthcare systems more than
US $1B per year. Physicians, even specialists, take a trial-and-error approach to treatment selection and need proven guidelines to successfully increase patient remission rates.

Aifred’s software is a cutting-edge solution that addresses these issues and provides much-needed innovation in selecting appropriate treatments for mental illness.