Spring Loaded Technology

Spring Loaded has developed a proprietary technology for “active” (bionic) knee braces that incorporates a new miniaturized energy storage and release mechanism using liquid matrix springs. Integrating this technology into the traditional “passive” knee brace design results in a brace that can improve leg strength and power by storing energy when you bend the knee and releasing that energy when you straighten the leg.

Why we invested ?

The human knee is the most frequently injured joint in recreational and professional sports, accounting for 60% of sports-related injuries. The knee is also a major site of debilitating age-related osteoarthritis, with a 45% lifetime risk of developing OA. Current solutions to improve mobility and return to “normal” activities are inadequate and limited to canes and walkers.

Spring Loaded’s solutions can reduce the risk of knee injury, primarily for athletes, and can accelerate the return to “normal” activities after an injury and provide increased mobility and quality of life in OA.