Sonic Incytes

The Technology

Sonic’s flagship product is a portable ultrasound scanner that incorporates live ultrasound imaging, which allows for the assessment of liver stiffness and attenuation, which are surrogates for fibrosis and fat. The company commercializes quantitative ultrasound for non-invasive diagnostic applications at the point of care, with the lead product, “Velacur,” targeting fatty liver disease.

Why we invested

Ease of access and cost are the two central issues in Velacur’s value proposition. As liver disease becomes more prevalent, a more accessible medical device like Velacur can be a good care option earlier in the patient journey.

Velacur is an incremental improvement over FibroScan in terms of clinical workflow. Future concordance with MRE could make Velacur a flagship for non-invasive liver testing by offering a more accurate, less expensive, and more accessible device.