Haleo Clinic

The technology
HALEO has developed a highly effective, patented intervention for chronic insomnia that uses a brief version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for
Insomnia (CBT I) delivered through a mobile app. Patients use the platform for weekly consultations with a licensed therapist with specific training and
expertise in treating chronic insomnia

Why we invested
One adult in four suffers from chronic or recurring sleep disorders. In North America, the combined effects of poor sleep cost employers more
than $175 billion every year in lost productivity due to presenteeism, absenteeism, workplace accidents and disability leave. Insomnia costs the average American worker 11.3 days, or $2,280 in lost productivity each year Sleep will soon be at the heart of workplace wellness.
Employers will be happy to pay for an inexpensive digital solution like HALEO which will deliver substantial return on investment as part of their group health plans.